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2019 Tax Rates

Tax rates change each year. Knowing what tax bracket you are in can help your financial planning.  Click below for 2019 tax rates.

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Papers to Save

  • Home deed and home receipts for additions
  • Current insurance policies
  • Receipts and annual statements for investments
  • Tax returns for 4 years
  • Bank statements and checks for 4 years

Papers to Discard

  • Expired automobile & home insurance policies
  • Stock annual reports & monthly statements
  • Payroll and dividend pay stubs
  • IRA Statements
  • Utility bills
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Good Financial Habits

  • Write down your personal and financial goals.
  • List your assets and liabilities to map your financial plan.
  • Make an action list for what’s important.
  •  Set up automatic payments for the mortgage, electric and phone bills.
  • Save only tax related statements.
  • Consolidate accounts.
  • Handle mail only once, taking action or discarding.
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